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HOW DOES THAT WORK? - Hydroacoustics

The ocean remains the earth’s most uncharted territory, but is now able to be accessed by hydroacoustics.

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Bringing electronic controls to hydraulics

Michael Kenward OBE

Michael Kenward OBE talked to Dr Niall Caldwell, Managing Director of Artemis, about the company’s engineering progress and its business success.

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Precision farming

Professor Richard Godwin FREng

Professor Richard Godwin FREng explains how these initiatives can combine accuracy and control of field operations with an ability to sense the state of crops, leading to increased efficiency and yields.

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Medical pioneer wins biggest engineering prize, Born to engineer videos, Solar electrification in Zambia, Rosetta project update, New STEM resources, Award-winning bridgework

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The rise and rise of GPUs

Chris Edwards

The technology used to bring 3D video games to the personal computer and to the mobile phone is now beginning to take on more computing duties inside a wide array of electronic devices

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Professor William Webb FREng

A strategic thinker

William Webb FREng kick-started his career by changing the way wireless communications carry data.
By Michael Kenward OBE

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Testing the lunar surface; Engineering habits of mind; Breaking the ice; A quiet revolution; Newton fellowships

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Creating the Impossible

Stephen Harris

This commercial and artistic success is cited as one reason for the recent increase in state support for the UK’s film industry, raising tax relief rates and lowering spend thresholds.

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Remote access software

Dr Andy Harter FREng

Real VNC won the 2013 MacRobert Award for creating software that allows a computer screen to be remotely accessed from another device across the internet

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David Braben FREng

An Elite Entrepreneur

An early interest in computing led to a career designing award-winning and profitable games as well as helping co-found the Raspberry Pi Foundation
By Michael Kenward OBE

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Making waves; Sustainable manufacturing; Coastal eco-cities collegium; AeroMSc bursary; Manufacturing report; Wireless charging buses

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Mobile health technology

Professor Lionel Tarassenko CBE FREng FMedSci

Using networked, sensor-enabled phones and tablets, engineers and clinicians are working together to develop monitoring and feedback systems to improve patient health

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