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Response to: Chips under the skin Response to: Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Response to: Additive manufacturing and 3D printing Response to: Policies for growth

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Academy Awards 2013; Exceptional Talent visas; Ship propulsion; Land speed record; Using local waste as fuel; Diversity progress

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Turing Lecture 2013

Suranga Chandratillake FREng

The founder and Chief Strategy Officer of blinkx plc describes how technologists can turn their innovations into successful businesses

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Additive manufacturing and 3D printing

Professor Richard Hague and Dr Phil Reeves

As these technologies continue to develop, applications for medical devices are among the first to see real benefits

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MacRobert Award 2013

The MacRobert finalists are Concrete Canvas, Oxford Instruments Ltd and RealVNC

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Seeking the Higgs boson

Steve Myers FREng

A hardware failure shut the Large Hadron Collider down for more than a year before the engineering programme to restore it led to last summer’s discovery of the Higgs boson

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Queen Elizabeth Prize Winners

Lord Alec Broers FREng FRS

The five engineers responsible for the design of the internet and World Wide Web are the winners of the inaugural Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

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Chips under the skin

Robert Muir-Wood

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Response to: Energy storage technologies
Dr Simon Wilson CEng
Response to: Design & Technology editorial
David Barlex

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Talking to machines

Professor Steve Young FREng

How speech recognition systems behind voice-driven personal assistant devices work and are being integrated with the internet and large sets of data

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Energy storage technologies

Dr Jonathan Radcliffe

Increasing demands for power combined with the itermittent nature of many renewable sources call for inventive solutions for storing energy

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Changing lightbulbs

Dr Richard Stevenson

As light-emitting diodes become more efficient and cheaper to produce, more applications emerge – including challenging the incandescent bulb

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