Article - Issue 32, September 2007

Ingenia Online

Dominic Joyeux

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Ingenia is launching its own website this month and placing eight years worth of articles online. Dominic Joyeux, the magazine’s Managing Editor, writes about what people will find when they visit

Picture of homepage of the new look Ingenia website

Picture of homepage of the new look Ingenia website

From September 2007, the many thousands of words that have appeared in the magazine’s pages since 1999 will be available online. This will help Ingenia to greatly increase the number of people reading its features; it will also help make the experience more dynamic by enabling cross-referencing to similar articles, allowing people to sign up online, and making it possible for readers to comment on articles.

The visitors to the online version of Ingenia will be able to download PDF copies of the magazine’s articles and view them as they appeared on the printed page. People will also be able to read the features as HTML text pages, much like those found at Having two formats available will mean that whatever the visitors’ preferred way of downloading information online, will be accessible to all.

The advantages of placing the few hundred published articles and letters on the web are many. Finding articles will be significantly easier and readers will be able to search articles by typing out keywords. Alternatively they can go to the Theme pages, and search for articles in categories that range from Acoustics to Bioengineering to Wealth Creation.

Once people have found an article they are interested in, they will be able to link to related articles, both within Ingenia online and on other related internet sites. In time we will also have a facility for people to sign-on and comment on articles. This interaction will greatly enhance the site and will generate both discussion and interest in Ingenia’s writing.

The launch of the website comes at the same time as we are doubling the readership of the hardcopy magazine to 9,000. Having the continued support of our sponsors has been an important element with this expansion. Arup, BAE Systems, Lloyd’s Register, Mott MacDonald and Rolls-Royce have all helped over the years in maintaining the steady growth of the magazine. There will be increased costs involved with establishing an active web presence for which funding is being sought.

We hope that will become a significant engineering resource. Web statistics generated from Academy websites show that there is already a big audience in Asia for engineering information on our sites. The online Ingenia presence will allow readers worldwide to access and hopefully contribute towards the content of

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