Ingenia - Issue 13, August 2002


The pursuit of trustworthy information systems in the new millennium

Caspar Bowden, Jon Crowcroft and Roger Needham

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The nature of engineering, Nature again, Sustainable development and the Club of Rome

John Bartlett FREng, John Hicks FREng, David Fisk FREn

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Engineering the ULTra System

Martin Lowson FREng

A system of urban public transport providing personal mobility that can be delivered using readily available technology

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Shipping safety – A matter of concern

Douglas Faulkner FREng

The world shipping fleet is steadily ageing and standards of maintenance are declining, resulting in increasing concern about ship safety

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Harvesting the waves – The emergence of waves as a useful source of energy

Tom Thorpe

Innovative ideas offer the possibility of overcoming the technical and economic challenges of extracting energy from waves

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The D154 project – Redevelopment of the Submarine Support Facilities at Devonport Royal Dockyard

Malcolm Smith

Upgrading the existing submarine facilities at Devonport Royal Dockyard was a major engineering and management exercise involving a number of companies with a broad range of skills and experience

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Design for green – Jubilee campus, Nottingham

John Berry, Special Professor in Building Technology at University of Nottingham John Thornton, Visiting Professor in Structural Engineering Design at University of Newcastle

The new Jubilee campus was developed with the objective of keeping energy costs low and ensuring a good fit with the surroundings

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Electronic cinema – A business as much as a technology

Jim Slater

Are the potential gains to be had from replacing film in cinemas with digital projectors worth the investment?

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Engineering ethics – Some current issues

John Uff CBE QC FREng

What are the issues involved when engineers seek to give warnings of preventable disasters and what actions can Institutions take to support engineers?

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The MacRobert Award 2002

The finalists for the 2002 MacRobert Award came from very different areas of engineering

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Global Research Awards

Global Research Awards provide an opportunity for engineers currently engaged in research and development to undertake projects in centres of excellence overseas

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The Smallpeice legacy

John R Appleton OBE HonFREng

The Smallpeice Trust, which recently celebrated its thirty-fifth anniversary, offers active support and training to young people considering a career in engineering

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Engineering Education Scheme – Celebration of engineering talent

An example of one of the 13 events held to celebrate the development of engineering projects by schools and colleges across the country

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