Ingenia - Issue 16, July/August 2003


Passionate about partnership

Sir Peter Williams FREng

Sir Peter Williams calls for closer collaboration to close the gap between creation and application

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Space technology in the UK

Professor Richard Holdaway FREng

The UK’s space technology programme has made Britain a major contributor to global space exploration

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A study in cyborgs

Professor Kevin Warwick

Examining the potential benefits of combining man and machine

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Going underground - A Cumbrian perspective

Phil Reddy

Sustainable and eco-friendly: are underground dwellings a viable option for the future?

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Regenerating the waterways

Stewart Sim OBE

A look at the engineering challenges encountered during the rejuvenation of the British waterways network

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Protecting the railways: The management of safety in a fragmented industry

Roger Kemp FREng

How is railway safety maintained with the industry’s management split between over 100 separate organisations?

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Emergence of the gas-to-liquids industry: A review of global GTL developments

Theo Fleisch, Ronald Sills, Michael Briscoe and Joep Font Freide, Global Gas Technology, BP

Exploring the growth of the gas-to-liquids industry and the potential of natural gas as a major fuel source for the future

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Push-to-talk is coming of age

Tony Greaves

The availability of digital public access mobile radio has revolutionised group communications

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Investing in information technology: Where next?

Ian Taylor MBE

Examining the way forward for the IT sector

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Sustaining competitive advantage in manufacturing

K Rajagopal

Although the country’s manufacturing base has declined, UK-based companies can still flourish in competitive industries

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