Ingenia - Issue 21, November/December 2004


Engineering Change

Dr Scott Steedman FREng

Industry transformation as a result of engineering innovation

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In brief

Teach physics and develop tomorrow’s engineers; Coming soon … the Science Museum welcomes the 2004 MacRobert Award winner; Geronimo!

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How engineers use the media to improve their communication with the general public

Michael Kenward OBE

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Engineering the future

John Spencer, Max Du Bois and Philip Lawder

John Spencer, Max du Bois and Philip Lawder of design consultancy Spencer du Bois discuss their involvement in the re-brand of The Royal Academy of Engineering.

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The value of innovation

Nicholas M Donofrio FREng

The importance of innovation and how it can be encouraged, both now and in the future

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Crossing the Valley of Death

Dr Ederyn Williams

Many wonderful innovations fail to cross the gap between research and manufacturing. Is it possible to create a seamless connection between university research and industrial application?

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Management of research and development in difficult times

Daniel V McCaughan OBE FREng

A look at research and development in a changing commercial environment

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How can an R&D group get others interested in its ideas?

Anne Miller

The battle for R&D departments to get their ideas recognised by the wider organisation

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Smelling illness

Professor Julian Gardner and Dr Evor Hines School Of Engineering Professor Chris Dowson Department Of Biological Studies, University Of Warwick

The use of electronic noses in identifying harmful bacteria and pathogens

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ICT: Essential enabler for the knowledge economy

Professor John O’Reilly FREng and Dr Martin Dunn

The UK is not placing enough emphasis on research into ICT with potential knock-on effects for the rest of the knowledge economy

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A skyline air bridge

Stephanos Samaras

The Gatwick air bridge was part of a novel solution to the challenge that BAA faced when it set out to increase the capacity of the North Terminal at Gatwick Airport

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Challenge Airbus

Karen Mitchell

The new Airbus A380 is a double-decker 555-seat passenger aircraft, designed to meet the growing volume of international air travel

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A new climate for flood planning

Professor Edward Evans Visiting Professor, Glasgow University Professor Jim Hall Professor of Earth Systems Engineering, University Of Newcastle

The Foresight Flood and Coastal Defence Project brought engineers together with other experts to assess the likely changes in flood risk over the coming century and to evaluate possible responses

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