Ingenia - Issue 47, June 2011


Earthquakes, again

Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng

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Response to: Self-healing concrete; Funding research

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In brief

Watt’s workshop open to visitors; Celebrating 35 Years; SET for Britain

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The Wolf Review on vocational education

Professor Helen Atkinson FREng

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Edward Dubois FREng

Architect at sea

Ed Dubois’s career has moved on from designing yachts built for speed to building top-of-the-range superyachts
By Michael Kenward OBE

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MacRobert Award 2011

Showcasing the winner and three finalists of the 2011 MacRobert Award

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Painting a new London

Damian Arnold

The artist Jonathan Meuli talks to Ingenia about his artistic collaboration with the Institution of Civil Engineers

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Fair Game

Dr David James

A look at recent innovations in sports engineering

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Start/Stop engines come of age

Antonios Katirtzidis

The development behind engines that automatically switch off during idling and can significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions

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Collaborative Research

Mark Jefferies

Rolls-Royce started its University Technology Centres initiative 20 years ago. The results of the research is presented in this article

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Modelling health and disease

Dr Clare Sansom

A European initiative that aims to improve the ability to predict, diagnose and treat disease

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Engineering Engagement Project

Melanie Washington

An Academy initiative that shows young people the opportunities and benefits behind a career in engineering

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How does that work? - Eddy-current braking

An explanation of the first principles behind a new braking system for high speed trains

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Innovation Watch - Greener buses

Greener buses

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The Royal Academy of Engineering acknowledges the generous support by the following organisations for Ingenia:


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