Ingenia - Issue 57, December 2013


Changing Gear

Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng

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In brief

Making waves; Sustainable manufacturing; Coastal eco-cities collegium; AeroMSc bursary; Manufacturing report; Wireless charging buses

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Response to: MOOCs Responses to: More publics, more engagement

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UK manufacturing on the rise

Sir Mike Gregory FREng

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David Braben FREng

An Elite Entrepreneur

An early interest in computing led to a career designing award-winning and profitable games as well as helping co-found the Raspberry Pi Foundation
By Michael Kenward OBE

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Decommissioning North Sea giants

Brian Nixon

A look at the strategies and some of the technologies being used to dismantle North Sea oil and gas infrastructure

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Remote access software

Dr Andy Harter FREng

Real VNC won the 2013 MacRobert Award for creating software that allows a computer screen to be remotely accessed from another device across the internet

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Compact atomic clocks

Dr John Christensen, Professor Patrick Gill and Sir Peter Knight FRS

With advances in laser technology, the world’s most accurate atomic clocks have shrunk from the size of rooms to the chip scale

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Concrete Canvas

Will Crawford

A concrete-impregnated fabric, first developed for building durable emergency shelters, is now being used as a quick, cost-effective method of laying concrete throughout a range of industries

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High-speed sailing

Matthew Sheahan

Racing multihulls were built for the 34th America’s Cup, that regularly reached speeds of more than 50mph

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INNOVATION WATCH - Chameleon lasers

A Glasgow-based company has produced a one-box tuneable ultrafast laser system that allows biomedical scientists to better target real-time tissue scans

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HOW IT WORKS - Lift prioritisation

From sensors to microprocessors controlled by algorithms, engineers have improved the systems controlling lifts to save energy and passenger waiting time

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Editorial Board

The members of the Ingenia editorial board

Editor-in-Chief Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng
Managing Editor Dominic Joyeux
Copy Editor Emily Bick
Editorial Board Professor John Burland CBE FREng FRS
Derek Hanson FREng
Michael Kenward OBE
John Loughhead OBE FREng
Martin Manning FREng
Dr Ian Nussey OBE FREng
Professor William Stewart FREng
Professor Liz Tanner FREng
Professor William Webb FREng
Stephen Vranch FREng
Director of Policy and External Affairs Beverley Parkin

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