Ingenia - Issue 6, November 2000


Students need exciting role models to persuade them to choose engineering careers

Trevor Kletz OBE FREng

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How are universities to fund expanding higher education? – Top-up fees and private endowments will only work for some

Patrick Dowling DL FREng FRS

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Ignoring long-term consequences for short-term gains will not increase public confidence in engineers and scientists

Professor John Sparkes FREng

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Decommissioning of the Maureen oil platform

Dr Peter Broughton FREng

Planning the removal and decommissioning of a large North Sea steel gravity platform

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Severn tunnel

Gerald David OBE FREng

The first ‘long’ crossing of the Severn was completed in 1886 after 13 years of struggle: the rail tunnel is still in everyday use

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The Øresund Bridge – linking Scandinavia to the continent

Nils Francke

The Øresund Bridge links Denmark to Sweden: it was built to schedule and on budget in just 5 years

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Tate Modern

John Hirst

The conversion of a redundant power station into a modern gallery is an outstanding success

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The Wheel: The British Airways London Eye

Dr John Roberts FREng

The designing, building and testing of an exceptional celebration of The Millennium

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Spectrum supply and demand – space oddity

Mike Short

Demand for radio spectrum is growing: how can it be satisfied?

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Spectrum auctions

Professor Martin Cave

Spectrum auctions bring welcome revenue to governments but also lead to efficient usage

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The second industrial revolution: the role of communications

Professor Laszlo Solymar FRS

Machines replaced muscles in the first industrial revolution: in the second machines came to help brains, spurred on by the needs of communications

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Searching the web, or Mr Livingstone I presume

Michael Holyoke

How do search engines help you find the web page you want from the two billion available and how does anyone make any money providing the service?

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Engineers in disaster relief

Jo da Silva

In the long aftermath of disasters, engineers with their practical skills and planning abilities bring relief to thousands of victims

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Systems engineering – an educational challenge

Ken Hambleton FREng

The study of entire systems is complex, but needs to be taught more widely

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Collaborating with MIT: how we compare

Professor David Newland FREng

Personal observations on the differences between MIT and Cambridge

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