Ingenia - Issue 65, December 2015


Prioritising infrastructure

Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng

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In brief

Diversity and inclusion, Dyson award winner, Superfast broadband award, Computer creativity, Better and faster, Connecting data, and Ingenia survey results

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LETTERS - Importance of D&T in schools, A shortage of specialist staff.

Professor Bill Lucas and Michael Ive OBE HMI

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OPINION - Upgrade existing building stock and reduce carbon emissions

Patrick Bellew

Patrick Bellew of Atelier Ten, a company which has pioneered environmental innovations, suggests that a National Infrastructure Project is needed to tackle waste and inefficiency in the built environment and significantly reduce UK carbon emissions.

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Professor Paul Newman FREng

Instilling robots with lifelong learning

Professor Paul Newman FREng explained to Michael Kenward how he came to lead the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group and why the time is right for a revolution in autonomous technologies.

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ALMA – the new high altitude observatory

Professor Brian Ellison

Professor Brian Ellison, the UK ALMA project manager, describes some of the challenges that had to be overcome during its construction.

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Blast mitigation

Professor Anthony Bull FREng

Professor Anthony Bull FREng, explains how a multidisciplinary team is helping protect, treat and rehabilitate people who are exposed to explosive forces.

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Quieter, more efficient propellers

Göran Grunditz

Richard Gray, freelance technology writer, asked Göran Grunditz, Manager of the Rolls-Royce Hydrodynamics Research Centre, about challenges when reducing noise for passengers onboard ship and for military vessels that seek to avoid detection.

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Targeting cancers

Dr Eric Mayes

Endomag’s Chief Executive Dr Eric Mayes outlines some of the challenges that surround the development and acceptance of medical innovations.

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Fulton Center, NYC

Craig Covil

The engineer and freelance writer Hugh Ferguson talked to Craig Covil, Principal of Arup and New York Project Director, to find out the main challenges and how they were overcome.

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HOW DOES THAT WORK? - Peltier devices

A discovery by French physicist, Jean Charles Peltier, was crucial for enabling these devices.

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INNOVATION WATCH - Compressor energy breakthroughs

Coventry company Lontra has had a busy year.

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Editorial Board

The members of the Ingenia editorial board

Editor-in-Chief  Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng
Managing Editor  Dominic Joyeux
Editorial Board    Professor John Burland CBE FREng FRS
 Derek Hanson FREng
 Michael Kenward OBE
 Professor David Delpy FREng FMedSci FRS
 John Loughhead OBE FREng
 Dr Ian Nussey OBE FREng
 Professor William Stewart FREng
 Professor Liz Tanner FREng
 Professor William Webb FREng
Director of Policy and External Affairs  Beverley Parkin

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