Ingenia - Issue 76, September 2018


Back to the future with hydrogen

Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng

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In brief

In Brief

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Supporting the digitally left behind

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Building a sustainable career

Michael Kenward OBE

Dr Shaun Fitzgerald FREng’s career has moved from research in geothermal energy to natural ventilation in buildings. He was recently appointed as Director of the Royal Institution.

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Q & A - Sinead O'Sullivan

An interest in space led Sinead O’Sullivan into a career in engineering that has covered academia and entrepreneurship.

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A great British polar explorer

Sarah Griffiths

Polar research ship the RRS Sir David Attenborough has been designed for extreme environments, and boasts state-of-the-art technology and robotics that will aid scientists’ exploration of the polar oceans.

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Flying without wings

Neil Cumins

Pilots who will be flying the F-35B aircraft onboard the new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers have been practising in a flight simulator, which provides a realistic and immersive experience.

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Tunnelling over time

Hugh Ferguson

The bentonite tunnelling machine, invented by engineer John Bartlett CBE FREng in 1964, was the precursor of all the world’s tunnel boring machines for non-cohesive soils.

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Tailor-made inventions

Dominic Joyeux

UK charity Remap puts volunteer engineers in touch with disabled people who need bespoke solutions to help them lead independent lives.

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Silver medallists

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INNOVATION WATCH - Heating homes with robots

Q-Bot’s series of mini robots work together to install underfloor insulation in older homes, helping to reduce heat loss by up to 80%.

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HOW DOES THAT WORK - Driverless cars

Advances in technology, such as improved sensing and sophisticated data processing, mean that driverless cars are becoming a reality.

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