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More than a bridge, A call to action, Create the Trophy winner, Rosetta mission, Inflatable incubators, Africa prize, and Ingenia live

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Raman scanner wins MacRobert award

Cobalt Light Systems, the company that developed this breakthrough, has applied the technique to airport scanners that search for banned substances in liquids.

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Robots in theatre

Professor Brian Davies FREng

Recent years have seen surgical robots scoring a number of successes in the operating theatre.

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Mobile health technology

Professor Lionel Tarassenko CBE FREng FMedSci

Using networked, sensor-enabled phones and tablets, engineers and clinicians are working together to develop monitoring and feedback systems to improve patient health

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Biochemical Engineering

Stephen Vranch FREng and Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker FREng

Medical researchers working on a variety of diseases can tackle them through the use of a new generation of medicines that utilise the very specific biological actions of certain large molecules

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Response to: Chips under the skin Response to: Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Response to: Additive manufacturing and 3D printing Response to: Policies for growth

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Chips under the skin

Robert Muir-Wood

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Response to: Catastrophe risk engineering
Response to: Paralympic technology

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Human-powered submarines; Millennium Technology Prize; Technology Horizons Award; Bright opening start; UK-China energy storage report; Physics and engineering signs; Preventing bone fractures

In Brief: short articles and engineering news

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Imaging in Four Dimensions

Professor Phil Withers FREng and Professor Peter D Lee

Improvements in 3D X-ray tomography have allowed researchers to create movies to study processes including tumour growth and permafrost thawing

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Paralympic Technology

Tim Rushby-Smith and Lawrie Douglas

Wind tunnel testing, computer modelling, and adapted prosthetics built from specialist materials help Paralympic athletes maximise their sporting potential

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Lord Drayson FREng

Driving force

The successful entrepreneur and three-time Minister of State is now developing the world’s first ‘Formula E’ electric racing car.
By Michael Kenward OBE

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