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Bio-inspired technologies

Professor Christofer Toumazou FREng FRS

Advances in the use of silicon semiconductor technology to replace and monitor biological functions and other research being conducted by the Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

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A cool biorepository

Justin Owen

How engineering behind the 2008 MacRobert Award finalist helped create a reliable storage facility at - 80°C for millions of biological samples.

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Response to broadband in the UK; Response to Palme D'Or; Technology Strategy Board

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Palme d'Or

Hugh Gill

The 2008 MacRobert Award winners describe how they developed the bionic i-LIMB hand

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Millennium Technology Prize Winner Announced; Engineers Take Flight; Public Engagement Fellowships

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Mending Broken Legs

Peter Ogrodnik

How the Staffordshire Orthopaedic Reduction Machine has met a clinical need in the re-alignment of leg fractures

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Responses to 'Systems Biology' and the MacRobert Awards

Colin Blakemore FMedSci Hon FIBiol FRCP Hon FBAASc FRS, Andrew J Millar, Dr Geoffrey Robinson FREng

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Seeing Into The Future

Alastair Atkinson

How the retinal detachment suffered by an five year old boy inspired a revolution in ocular technology

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Lionel Tarassenko FREng

An Engineering Biography

The Professor of Electrical Engineering at Oxford University talks to Michael Kenward OBE about teaching, biomedicine and commercial success.

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Systems Biology: the basis of a third Industrial Revolution?

Professor Richard Kitney OBE FREng and Dr Loredana Santoro

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Renewable Processing: The Green Alternative

Mike Ashley

An environmentally considerate process for manufacturing ethyl acetate

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Biocomponents - Bringing Life to Engineering

Peter Moar and Professor Peter Guthrie OBE

Examining the use of living organisms as components within engineering solutions

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