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Seeing Into The Future

Alastair Atkinson

How the retinal detachment suffered by an five year old boy inspired a revolution in ocular technology

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Lionel Tarassenko FREng

An Engineering Biography

The Professor of Electrical Engineering at Oxford University talks to Michael Kenward OBE about teaching, biomedicine and commercial success.

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Systems Biology: the basis of a third Industrial Revolution?

Professor Richard Kitney OBE FREng and Dr Loredana Santoro

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Renewable Processing: The Green Alternative

Mike Ashley

An environmentally considerate process for manufacturing ethyl acetate

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Biocomponents - Bringing Life to Engineering

Peter Moar and Professor Peter Guthrie OBE

Examining the use of living organisms as components within engineering solutions

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Responses to ‘Autism and engineers: Is there a connection?’

Professor Peter G Fookes FREng

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Autism and Engineers - is there a connection?

Fabian Acker

Is autism more prevalent in engineers and, if so,why?

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Smelling illness

Professor Julian Gardner and Dr Evor Hines School Of Engineering Professor Chris Dowson Department Of Biological Studies, University Of Warwick

The use of electronic noses in identifying harmful bacteria and pathogens

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Biochips at the heart of healthcare

Peter FitzGerald, John Lamont and Ivan McConnell

The analyser set to increase the accuracy of patient diagnosis for the healthcare profession and increase cost-effectiveness

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From securing stealth to ensuring health – making ultrasound ultra-safe

David Bell

A review of current failings of ultrasound physiotherapy units with an insight into possible solutions for creating an inexpensive, easy-to-use and accurate power meter

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Heath informatics initiative

Dr John Forrest CBE FREng

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Building with biology: The engineering in tissue engineering

Professor David Williams

What is the role of the engineer in advancing the newest developments of genetic science? The art of creation has never been more important in tissue engineering, with increasingly complex structures being produced every day

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