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Response to: Energy storage technologies
Dr Simon Wilson CEng
Response to: Design & Technology editorial
David Barlex

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Energy storage technologies

Dr Jonathan Radcliffe

Increasing demands for power combined with the itermittent nature of many renewable sources call for inventive solutions for storing energy

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Keeping track of energy

Kevin Payne

From water-powered cooling systems to regenerative braking, London Underground’s engineers aim to keep London moving comfortably and efficiently

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Response to: Balancing the energy network
Response to: Engineering's Olympic legacy

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Perfecting the jet engine

Professor Philip Ruffles CBE FREng FRS

Larger fans and the application of composite materials will make jet engines of the future lighter and more efficient

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Slimmer solar cells

Dr Richard Stevenson

Advances in manufacturing techniques allow new, flexible thin-film photovoltaic cells to collect solar energy more efficiently

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Balancing the energy network

Phil Lawton

By 2020, 15% of the UK’s energy supplies will come from fluctuating renewable sources. National Grid’s engineers set out their plans for delivering a stable, secure energy mix

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Response to: Rising clouds;
Response to: Shale gas

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Small Modular Reactors

Professor Richard Clegg and Professor Mamdouh El-Shanawany

A new generation of small, factory-built nuclear reactors can provide sources of power for areas which lack a supporting energy infrastructure

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Fusion turns to Engineering

Chris Warrick

The search for fusion energy has led to advances in remote handling, materials science, and plasma isolation chambers

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Shale Gas

Dr Rebecca Pool

Ingenia traces the historical and technical background to shale gas, and the issues related to its extraction

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Shale gas and public acceptability

Professor Nick Pidgeon

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