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Celebrating steam innovation; Water music; SET for Britain; Forum for engineering

In Brief: short articles and engineering news

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Watt’s workshop open to visitors; Celebrating 35 Years; SET for Britain

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Underwater Windmills – Harnessing the world’s marine currents

Peter Fraenkel

How tidal stream generators can become a significant source of renewable energy

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Smart Meters

John Scott

An overview of the technical, logistical, commercial and legal challenges to installing smart meters in UK homes

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Rolls-Royce Science Prize; Technician Council; Offshore Wind report; Battle of Ideas; Nuclear Lessons Learned report

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Responses to: Value of apprenticeships; Limited resources; Response to: Femtocells; RedR responds to Pakistan floods; Druk White Lotus update

Damon de Laszlo; John Davis FREng; Dr Gary Evans; Erin Noordeloos; Philip Cornwell

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Responses to: On Target?; Response to: Electric Vehicles

Ruth Lea; David Cebon FREng and Nick Collings FREng

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Underground coal gasification

Paul Younger FREng, Jon Gluyas, Martin Cox, Dermot Roddy

Underground coal gasification has the potential to exploit more of the UK’s coal reserves and can be coupled with carbon capture and storage

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Practical Action

Andrew Scott

An international charity that generates templates of simple engineering solutions for people worldwide to copy and implement

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On Target

Dr Scott Steedman FREng

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INNOVATION WATCH - A quiet revolution

A new generation of wind turbines designed to take into account the turbulent wind patterns of urban environments.

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A conversation with Abdallah Jum'ah

The speaker at the Academy's 2009 International Lecture, and former head of oil giant Saudi Aramco, talks to Academy President, Lord Browne of Madingley.

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