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Going Underground

Patrick Bellew FREng

An innovative method of creating thermal mass energy storage systems using underground cooling labyrinths

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Aero-Engines of the Future

Ric Parker FREng

The challenge of reducing noise and engine emissions in the aviation industry

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Lord Browne of Madingley FREng

The prolific Chief Executive of BP, and the Academy’s new president, reveals the influence his father had on his career and shares his thoughts on green energy with Michael Kenward

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Carbon Capture and Storage – Responses

Nick Otter OBE

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Carbon Capture and Storage

Professor Ian Fells CBE FREng and Sir John Horlock FREng FRS

The challenges of capturing carbon dioxide and storing it for the future

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Underwater Breakthrough

Vivienne Macey

Using electro-magnetic imaging to search for oil reserves beneath the sea floor.

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Dr Sue Ion OBE FREng

The Director of Technology at BNFL tells Michael Kenward OBE of her belief in nuclear energy,and her passion for helping the public to engage with it in the future.

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Expandable Tubulars - Engineering a Pipe Dream

Myles Burke

A revolution in energy production could be due thanks to expandable tubular technology

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A Hydrogen Inspired Experience

Fiona Howarth

An Engineering Leadership Award holder explores the prospects for hydrogen-technology in the automotive industry

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Microgrids: Power Systems for the 21st century

Tomas Markvart and Ray Arnold

A look at small scale power supply networks that can deliver higher energy efficiency and environmental benefits

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Responses to `The Climate for Nuclear Power` and the Reith Lectures

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The Climate For Nuclear Power

Tony Cooper

How the threat of climate change is leading to a reappraisal of the benefits of nuclear power

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