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Does The UK Need A Contribution From Nuclear Power?

Dr Robert Hawley CBE FREng Pete Wilkinson

Dr Robert Hawley and Pete Wilkinson put forward opposing views in the nuclear power debate

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What Price Speed - Revisited

The Railway Research Group, Imperial College

The evolution of transport propulsion efficiency over the last 50 years

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Concentrating solar power for sustainable electricity generation: Perspectives

Hans Müller-Steinhagen FREng and Franz Trieb

The second part of two articles discusses the resource potential of greater cooperation between countries to make more efficient use of common renewable energy resources

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Electricity costs – start with a level playing field

Richard Ploszek

A report on the social and cost implications of generating electricity from different technologies and why these issues must be addressed in order to meet government targets

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Distributed generation – harder than it looks

Malcolm Kennedy CBE FREng

A review of the virtues of distributed generation and the problems in effecting its implementation. How can the government help to overcome these barriers?

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Concentrating solar power: A review of the technology

Hans Müller-Steinhagen FREng and Franz Trieb

This first of two articles on one of the most potent sources of renewable energy outlines the principles and potential of the latest advances in solar power technology

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Power for the people

Professor Alan Williams CBE FREng, Professor M. Pourkashanian and Dr J.M. Jones, University of Leeds

Amid ever-diminishing fossil fuel resources and increasing environmental concern surrounding electricity generation, what needs to be done to ensure long-term security of our power supplies?

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Going underground - A Cumbrian perspective

Phil Reddy

Sustainable and eco-friendly: are underground dwellings a viable option for the future?

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Design for green – Jubilee campus, Nottingham

John Berry, Special Professor in Building Technology at University of Nottingham John Thornton, Visiting Professor in Structural Engineering Design at University of Newcastle

The new Jubilee campus was developed with the objective of keeping energy costs low and ensuring a good fit with the surroundings

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Harvesting the waves – The emergence of waves as a useful source of energy

Tom Thorpe

Innovative ideas offer the possibility of overcoming the technical and economic challenges of extracting energy from waves

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Photovoltaic cells cast new light on the world’s energy problems

Harry Shimp

A combination of technological innovations and larger-scale production is making photovoltaic solar energy increasingly affordable

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A cloudy energy future

Ian Fells CBE FREng FRSE

If the UK is to move to a low-carbon economy, there are difficult decisions to be made now

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