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Helping the green revolution

David Williams and Muhammad Imran Khan

Hornsea One is the world’s largest offshore windfarm, generating enough electricity to supply over one million UK homes, while Hornsea Two is under construction.

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Cleaning wastewater with algae

Geoff Watts

As new regulations call for lower levels of phosphorous in returned wastewater, algae provide a cheaper and lower-carbon method of purification.

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Biofuels’ journey to the mainstream

Dominic Joyeux

Biofuels have been around for many years but have not been widely adopted. However, recent government initiatives on climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are encouraging their use in transport.

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A great British polar explorer

Sarah Griffiths

Polar research ship the RRS Sir David Attenborough has been designed for extreme environments, and boasts state-of-the-art technology and robotics that will aid scientists’ exploration of the polar oceans.

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Engineering Award Winners

In June, the Royal Academy of Engineering hosted its annual Awards Dinner, which celebrated and recognised a number of engineers who have made a remarkable contribution over the course of their careers.

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Future-proofing the next generation of wind turbine blades

Kirsten Dyer and Peter Greaves

Before deploying new equipment in an offshore environment, testing is absolutely vital. Replicating the harsh conditions within the confines of a test hall requires access to specialist, purpose-built facilities.

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Study Shows Link Between Engineering and Economic Development

A new global study carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) has found that there is a strong positive correlation between engineering strength and a country’s economic development.

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Securing water supplies with sand dams

Simon Maddrell

Jenny Bardwell talked to Simon Maddrell, Executive Director of the charity Excellent Development, about the principles and success of sand dams.

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LETTERS - Tackling fuel poverty and climate change, Buildings as power stations

Doug King FREng and Dr Tony Vickers FREng

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OPINION - Upgrade existing building stock and reduce carbon emissions

Patrick Bellew

Patrick Bellew of Atelier Ten, a company which has pioneered environmental innovations, suggests that a National Infrastructure Project is needed to tackle waste and inefficiency in the built environment and significantly reduce UK carbon emissions.

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Built for living, Disaster monitoring launch, Rooke Award winner, STEM-enhanced drones, and Packaging the Pi.

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Recycling household waste

Keith Riley and Professor William Powrie FREng

Breakthroughs in processing have increased the proportion of recycled household waste in the past 20 years

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