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Carbon will be different

Scott Steedman FREng

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Fabrication and uses of Ultra-Precision Surfaces

Professor Paul Shore

Advances in the miniscule world of ultra-precision engineering and how these have dramatically improved the scope of measurement that is achievable in the manufacure of new technologies

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David Waboso FREng

A Proven Track Record

The teacher-turned-engineer speaks about how his experience working with roads, water supply and in an inner city comprehensive led him to become the Director of Engineering at London Underground
By Michael Kenward OBE

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Response to: Flood Risk Management; Responses to: Can Regional Clusters be engineered?; Response to Climate Change: Engineering a solution: Response to Kumar lecture

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Climate change: engineering a solution

Sir David King HonFREng FRS

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A Conversation with Dr R K Pachauri

The Chairman of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change speaks to the Academy President, Lord Browne, on where the climate change debate is heading

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Response to Grand Challenges; Flood-Risk Management; A Heart in Engineering; Correction to Issue 32

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Does the public expect too much of flood-risk management?

Jean Venables OBE FREng

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Decarbonising Buildings

Roger Hitchin

Maximising the elimination of carbon generated in creating, taking down and maintaining a building

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"Official: Global Warming Beatable"

Dr Scott Steedman FREng

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Responses to 'Research with impact' and 'Sinking a frigate'

Professor Philip Esler, Professor James S Harrison FREng, Professor Bob Stone, Dr Paul Robinson and Plymouth's Professorial Team consisting of Bob Stone, Geoff Skates and John Gittus FREng, with support from Dr Paul Robinson

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Renewable Processing: The Green Alternative

Mike Ashley

An environmentally considerate process for manufacturing ethyl acetate

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