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Responses to ‘Safety and Performance’ and the flooding of New Orleans

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Microgrids: Power Systems for the 21st century

Tomas Markvart and Ray Arnold

A look at small scale power supply networks that can deliver higher energy efficiency and environmental benefits

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Extreme Engineering

David Blake

The challenges of living and working on scientific projects in frozen Antartica

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Professor James Dooge FREng

The former President of the Royal Irish Academy talks to Michael Kenward OBE about his twin career paths in politics and engineering education

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The Climate For Nuclear Power

Tony Cooper

How the threat of climate change is leading to a reappraisal of the benefits of nuclear power

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How To Land On Titan

Dr Steve Lingard and Pat Norris

The parachute and computer systems that enabled a soft landing for the Huygens probe

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Floodnet: A New Flood Warning System

Professor David De Roure

Using pervasive computing to monitor the environment

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Does The UK Need A Contribution From Nuclear Power?

Dr Robert Hawley CBE FREng Pete Wilkinson

Dr Robert Hawley and Pete Wilkinson put forward opposing views in the nuclear power debate

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Autosub Under Ice

Professor Gwyn Griffiths

Exploring Greenland’s arctic marine environment with Southampton Oceanography Centre

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How to save the planet – some helpful advice

Sir Eric Ash CBE FREng FRS

A reported presentation on how we have damaged the planet and whether we need to ‘save’ it

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Wasting future resources

Hywel Thomas and Jim Poole

An insight into the difficulties faced in changing the way in which people manage and use waste

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Concentrating solar power for sustainable electricity generation: Perspectives

Hans Müller-Steinhagen FREng and Franz Trieb

The second part of two articles discusses the resource potential of greater cooperation between countries to make more efficient use of common renewable energy resources

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