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Responses to ‘Safety and Performance’ and the flooding of New Orleans

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Safety and Performance

Scott Steedman advocates that safety should be incorporated within engineering design, training and professional development as a matter of course

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Lloyd's Register Lecture 2005

This year’s lecture on ‘Safety Appraisal Criteria’was given by Professor Andrew Evans of Imperial College London

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Small Matter, Many Unknowns

Annabelle Hett

An insurer’s look at the risk implications of nanotechnology

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Trust me, I’m an engineer!

John Turnbull FREng

Should the public trust advocates of new technologies?

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ID cards: Public interest… or public nuisance?

Key speakers at the Royal Academy of Engineering’s briefing on ID cards express their opinions of the issues and implications of using this technology in the UK

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Fighting fire with science

Richard Chitty

Exploring new advances in fire prevention and protection and how Fire Safety Science can aid the development of innovative design

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Life safety in extreme events

Faith Wainwright FREng

How can we prepare for the unexpected? Structural safety for protection against natural disasters and hazards

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After the Twin Towers: the future for tall buildings

Dr John Roberts FREng

How have structural engineers learnt from the catastrophic events of September 11 2001?

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Protecting the railways: The management of safety in a fragmented industry

Roger Kemp FREng

How is railway safety maintained with the industry’s management split between over 100 separate organisations?

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The engineer’s public duty - The role of the institutions

John Uff CBE QC FREng

What role should the professional institutions play in relation to the public interest?

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Engineering in crime prevention

Dr Richard Lacey

Exploring the possibilities for innovation and taking a look at some engineering solutions in the fight against crime

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