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Microchannel reactors: chemical engineering in another dimension?

Ray Allen FREng

Why chemical engineers are so excited about creating reactions in vessels invisible to the naked eye

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Privacy – a critical issue

John Forrest FREng

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Design: a constraint-based approach

A. J. Medland

Advantages of a computer-based modelling environment that can work within the rules and constraints of a problem to produce a viable solution

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Making the perfect particle

Richard A. Williams FREng

New designer particulates are finding applications in such diverse areas as scratch-and-sniff capsules and targeted drug delivery systems

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Information technology crime, terrorism and warfare

Professor Ralph Benjamin CB FREng and Bill Uttley-Moore FREng

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Protecting rail passengers: options for railway safety

Sir David Davies CBE FREng FRS

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A scale of risk for the individual

Geoffrey Lomer CBE FREng

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