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European Agendas

Dr Scott Steedman FREng FICE

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Professor James Dooge FREng

The former President of the Royal Irish Academy talks to Michael Kenward OBE about his twin career paths in politics and engineering education

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The 10 Year Framework

Sir Keith O’Nions

How the Government will fund its 10 Year Science and Innovation Strategy

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Propelling Engineering into the 21st Century

The Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser outlines the Government’s strategy for addressing the challenges surrounding science and engineering today

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Politics of Engineering

MPs from the three largest political parties put forward their views on engineering today

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Shaping Government policies

Claire Curtis-Thomas MP

How engineers can tell the Government what they need

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Have regulators benefitted or harmed the industries that they serve?

Sir William Barlow FREng

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Developing skills for high-technology industry

Dr Clive Dyson

The UK semiconductor industry has risen to the challenge of overcoming the high-tech skills shortage

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Funding for engineering and science research

Dr John Taylor OBE FREng FRS

New initiatives for government funding of research in science, engineering and technology

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A recent Government White Paper recognises the importance of the communications revolution

Patricia Hewitt MP

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Engineers in disaster relief

Jo da Silva

In the long aftermath of disasters, engineers with their practical skills and planning abilities bring relief to thousands of victims

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How are universities to fund expanding higher education? – Top-up fees and private endowments will only work for some

Patrick Dowling DL FREng FRS

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