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Lloyd’s Register Lecture – ‘Crisis Journalism’

Transcript of the Lloyd’s Register Lecture held on 7 April 2004

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A bright future – how chemicals drive the way we display information

David Fyfe and Terry Nicklin

The technological possibilities behind using light-emitting devices and displays for faster, cheaper and more versatile methods of presenting information for everyday use than current displays such as LCDs

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How technology enhances the Wimbledon tennis experience

Alex Phillips and Roger Blake

An insight into the innovative technology used to enhance the real-time user experience of receiving accurate, fast and reliable Wimbledon tennis information via the Internet

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ID cards: Public interest… or public nuisance?

Key speakers at the Royal Academy of Engineering’s briefing on ID cards express their opinions of the issues and implications of using this technology in the UK

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How do practising engineers learn?

Sir David Brown FREng Chairman

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Heath informatics initiative

Dr John Forrest CBE FREng

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High Street: The new technological battleground?

Allan Dean

The technology behind the rise of customer loyalty cards and the hi-tech future in store for High Street shoppers: retail outlets are becoming increasingly efficient at marketing and processing our purchases

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The beer barrel as a VHF cavity resonator

Gerald David OBE FREng

An economical and inspired engineering solution to the overloading of mobile radio sites in the 1970s; beer barrel cavity resonators are still in use today as devices to modify single antennas into multiple transmitters

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A missing piece of the innovation puzzle

Paul Baffes

Uncovering the vital nature of diverse, inexperienced talent in corporate innovation

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Investing in information technology: Where next?

Ian Taylor MBE

Examining the way forward for the IT sector

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Push-to-talk is coming of age

Tony Greaves

The availability of digital public access mobile radio has revolutionised group communications

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Shared communications for the UK's emergency service organisations

Graeme Hobbs CEng MIEE

The UK’s emergency services currently use separate communications systems; is there an advantage in combining them and what are the obstacles?

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