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Femtocells - A quiet revolution in mobile communications

Professor Simon Saunders

It looks like femtocells are set to transform the way mobile networks work

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Chris Mairs FREng

A Sound Communicator

A software engineer who is taking on the obstacles that technology imposes on blind and partially sighted users
By Michael Kenward OBE

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Global Navigation Satellite Systems – Accidental systems and unintended consequences

Dr Martyn Thomas CBE FREng

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Wireless Communications - to 2020 and beyond

Professor William Webb FREng

A look at what advances in technology could be made in the field of wireless communications in the coming decade.

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Professor Mandy Chessell FREng

Prolific Inventor

How a prolific inventor got started with IBM and how she has helped the culture of innovation at the multinational infornation technology company.
By Michael Kenward OBE

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Do we need to speak to be heard?

Professor Will Stewart FREng

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Engine Health Managment

Nick Waters

Rolls-Royce have developed a live satellite-based system to track the performance of thousands of aircraft engines worldwide

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Professor Jon Cooper FREng

How microelectronics are transforming chemical analysis and leading the search for extra-terrestrial life

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Opinion: Why engineering matters

Lord Drayson

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Engineering the future; Response to Biofuels: The Future

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How is the internet really wired?

John Souter

The first in a series on the engineering behind the internet: how web traffic is enabled by its physical infrastructure.

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Professor David Payne CBE FREng FRS

A golden touch

The work of Professor David Payne on optical fibre amplifiers helped make a telecommunications revolution possible.
By Michael Kenward OBE

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