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Engineering a trustworthy web

Martin Ince

How will the internet be able to restrain criminality and retain users' trust in the future?

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Reverse Engineering the Mind

Professor Igor Aleksander FREng

The subtleties of developing artificial intelligence for robots and mobile phones

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Extreme Engineering

David Blake

The challenges of living and working on scientific projects in frozen Antartica

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How To Land On Titan

Dr Steve Lingard and Pat Norris

The parachute and computer systems that enabled a soft landing for the Huygens probe

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Floodnet: A New Flood Warning System

Professor David De Roure

Using pervasive computing to monitor the environment

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On The Right Wavelengths

Professor Will Stewart FREng

A recent Foresight project explored new opportunities in the electromagnetic spectrum

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Tackling Spam

Dr Isidore Rigoutsos and Tien Huynh

IBM’s prototype filter system for the automatic identification of unsolicited email messages

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Engineering makes you human

Professor Will Stewart FREng

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ICT: Essential enabler for the knowledge economy

Professor John O’Reilly FREng and Dr Martin Dunn

The UK is not placing enough emphasis on research into ICT with potential knock-on effects for the rest of the knowledge economy

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How engineers use the media to improve their communication with the general public

Michael Kenward OBE

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Tactile display technology

Heidi Castle and Trevor Dobbins

The technology and safety benefits behind using tactile displays as an alternative to traditional visual and audio displays

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Lip-reading by phone

Fabian Acker

New breakthroughs in technology enable the hard-of-hearing to lip-read telephone conversations

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