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The Mayflower sails again

Neil Cumins

A fully autonomous vessel is sailing from Plymouth to the US, gathering data about plastic pollution, global warming and marine life.

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Turning the tide

Neil Cumins

Energy generated by the ocean is not used widely, but projects using wave and tidal energy are aiming to make it a preferred source of renewable power.

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A great British polar explorer

Sarah Griffiths

Polar research ship the RRS Sir David Attenborough has been designed for extreme environments, and boasts state-of-the-art technology and robotics that will aid scientists’ exploration of the polar oceans.

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Racing human-powered submarines

Sir Robert Hill KBE FREng and Iain Anderson

This university competition requires student teams to design, engineer and race their own submarines, which are propelled and powered entirely by humans.

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In deep water: the UK's first subsea-to-shore gas plant

Nicholas Newman and David Hainsworth

The development and building of the Shetland Gas Plant was the UK’s largest construction project since the London 2012 Olympics

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Against the tide

Geoff Watts and Daniel Sharp

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s new Shannon-class lifeboat has been designed and manufactured to be faster, safer and more manouverable than existing vessels

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Building Britain's biggest warships

Richard Gray and Martin Douglass

Construction of two new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers, the largest ever in Britain, is the most ambitious shipbuilding project attempted in the UK

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Quieter, more efficient propellers

Göran Grunditz

Richard Gray, freelance technology writer, asked Göran Grunditz, Manager of the Rolls-Royce Hydrodynamics Research Centre, about challenges when reducing noise for passengers onboard ship and for military vessels that seek to avoid detection.

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Modelling ships in danger

David Prentice, Wijendra Peiris, Nick Brown and Geoff Watts

Stricken ships in danger need expert help to be rescued. Lloyd’s Register’s Ship Emergency Response Service (SERS) was set up to provide this support

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Accessing the UK's subsea assets

Allen Leatt FREng

Allen Leatt FREng, Senior Vice President Engineering at Subsea 7, explains how new production technologies and underwater installation and maintenance techniques are reversing the decline in production.

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Testing the lunar surface; Engineering habits of mind; Breaking the ice; A quiet revolution; Newton fellowships

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