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Hero Lab; QEPrize nominations; London Gateway; Africa Prize for Innovation ; Chemical research rewarded; Apprentice challenge; New RNLI lifeboats

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High-speed sailing

Matthew Sheahan

Racing multihulls were built for the 34th America’s Cup, that regularly reached speeds of more than 50mph

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Decommissioning North Sea giants

Brian Nixon

A look at the strategies and some of the technologies being used to dismantle North Sea oil and gas infrastructure

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Making waves; Sustainable manufacturing; Coastal eco-cities collegium; AeroMSc bursary; Manufacturing report; Wireless charging buses

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Academy Awards 2013; Exceptional Talent visas; Ship propulsion; Land speed record; Using local waste as fuel; Diversity progress

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Fishing for pollutants

Emily Bick

The SHOAL project uses engineering expertise from academia and industry to create autonomous pollution-sensing robots to monitor ports in real time

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Human-powered submarines; Millennium Technology Prize; Technology Horizons Award; Bright opening start; UK-China energy storage report; Physics and engineering signs; Preventing bone fractures

In Brief: short articles and engineering news

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Sir John Parker FREng

Engineering Success

The new President of The Royal Academy of Engineering, talks about how his engineering background has helped shape his business experience
By Michael Kenward OBE

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Edward Dubois FREng

Architect at sea

Ed Dubois’s career has moved on from designing yachts built for speed to building top-of-the-range superyachts
By Michael Kenward OBE

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Underwater Windmills – Harnessing the world’s marine currents

Peter Fraenkel

How tidal stream generators can become a significant source of renewable energy

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Shipping Liquefied Gas Safely

Stéphane Maillard and Nigel White

How research is helping the shipping of high volumes of liquefied natural gas safely

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Unlocking Panama's Potential

David Tozer

To cope with increasing traffic and bigger ships, the Panama Canal is building an additional channel with the world’s largest locks.

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