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Tactile display technology

Heidi Castle and Trevor Dobbins

The technology and safety benefits behind using tactile displays as an alternative to traditional visual and audio displays

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The D154 project – Redevelopment of the Submarine Support Facilities at Devonport Royal Dockyard

Malcolm Smith

Upgrading the existing submarine facilities at Devonport Royal Dockyard was a major engineering and management exercise involving a number of companies with a broad range of skills and experience

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Harvesting the waves – The emergence of waves as a useful source of energy

Tom Thorpe

Innovative ideas offer the possibility of overcoming the technical and economic challenges of extracting energy from waves

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Shipping safety – A matter of concern

Douglas Faulkner FREng

The world shipping fleet is steadily ageing and standards of maintenance are declining, resulting in increasing concern about ship safety

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Marine propulsion: The transport technology of the 21st century?

Julia King CBE FREng, Director of Engineering & Technology – Marine, Rolls-Royce plc Ian Ritchey, Head of Research & Technology – Marine, Rolls-Royce plc

New technologies are aiding the production of quieter, more efficient marine engines that are capable of driving vessels at higher speeds

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Coping with the wash: The nature of wash waves produced by fast ferries

Professor Trevor Whittaker and Björn Elsäßer

Fast ferries used on routes previously served by conventional ships have caused increased wash problems

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Stop that leak! The first 100 years of UK submarine engineering

Sir Robert Walmsley KCB FREng

The complex world of submarine engineering is revealed as an ongoing study in leak prevention

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