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Responses to: 'Lessons learnt'; Response to: 'Modernising national infrastructure'

Dr Stephen Bold FREng; David Bayliss OBE FREng

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Modernising national infrastructure – A call for analysis and action

Professor Brian Collins FREng

Modernising national infrastructure – A call for analysis and action

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Geoengineering – Challenges and Global Impacts

Nina Hall

An exploration of the ways in which the Earth’s climate can be manipulated to counteract the effects of global warming.

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Engine Health Managment

Nick Waters

Rolls-Royce have developed a live satellite-based system to track the performance of thousands of aircraft engines worldwide

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Professor Richard Kitney OBE FREng

Biological Systems Pioneer

How an engineer’s approach to biological systems could lead to new methods of manufacturing.
By Michael Kenward OBE

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A cool biorepository

Justin Owen

How engineering behind the 2008 MacRobert Award finalist helped create a reliable storage facility at - 80°C for millions of biological samples.

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Four engineers: four Silver Medals

A short profile of the four UK engineers awarded The Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medals in 2008

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gPROMS – pushing the barriers of process modelling

Costas Pantelides and Mark Matzopoulos

How last year‘s MacRobert Award winners developed a computer modelling system that solves mathematical problems in physics and engineering

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The future of GPS

David Bartlett

Improving the reliability of global positioning systems via alternative technologies and satellite systems

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Response to Grand Challenges; Flood-Risk Management; A Heart in Engineering; Correction to Issue 32

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Synthetic Gecko

Fabian Acker

Adapting the adhesive powers of gecko feet for industrial and commercial use

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Underwater Rescue

Bryan Luke

The technology behind a new NATO submarine rescue vehicle

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