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How to maximise loudspeaker quality

Dr Jack Oclee-Brown

Replication of sound without distortion has long been a challenge for makers of home stereo speaker systems

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The rise and rise of GPUs

Chris Edwards

The technology used to bring 3D video games to the personal computer and to the mobile phone is now beginning to take on more computing duties inside a wide array of electronic devices

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Raman scanner wins MacRobert award

Cobalt Light Systems, the company that developed this breakthrough, has applied the technique to airport scanners that search for banned substances in liquids.

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Professor William Webb FREng

A strategic thinker

William Webb FREng kick-started his career by changing the way wireless communications carry data.
By Michael Kenward OBE

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Creating the Impossible

Stephen Harris

This commercial and artistic success is cited as one reason for the recent increase in state support for the UK’s film industry, raising tax relief rates and lowering spend thresholds.

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Mapping the Milky Way

Matthew Chalmers and Louis Pattison

Ingenia looks at the engineering challenges behind one of Europe’s most ambitious space missions.

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Nick Cooper FREng

Applying Newton's Laws

Nick Cooper talks about his passion for applying the basic laws of physics to solve diverse engineering problems.
By Michael Kenward OBE

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Compact atomic clocks

Dr John Christensen, Professor Patrick Gill and Sir Peter Knight FRS

With advances in laser technology, the world’s most accurate atomic clocks have shrunk from the size of rooms to the chip scale

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Seeking the Higgs boson

Steve Myers FREng

A hardware failure shut the Large Hadron Collider down for more than a year before the engineering programme to restore it led to last summer’s discovery of the Higgs boson

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Global Grand Challenges Summit; Smart buildings report; Mini Maker Faire; SET for Britain winner; Great British innovations

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How television pictures evolved from blurry 240-line images to 8-megapixel Ultra-HD, digital cinema-quality

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Changing lightbulbs

Dr Richard Stevenson

As light-emitting diodes become more efficient and cheaper to produce, more applications emerge – including challenging the incandescent bulb

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