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Fusion turns to Engineering

Chris Warrick

The search for fusion energy has led to advances in remote handling, materials science, and plasma isolation chambers

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Human-powered submarines; Millennium Technology Prize; Technology Horizons Award; Bright opening start; UK-China energy storage report; Physics and engineering signs; Preventing bone fractures

In Brief: short articles and engineering news

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Imaging in Four Dimensions

Professor Phil Withers FREng and Professor Peter D Lee

Improvements in 3D X-ray tomography have allowed researchers to create movies to study processes including tumour growth and permafrost thawing

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Paralympic Technology

Tim Rushby-Smith and Lawrie Douglas

Wind tunnel testing, computer modelling, and adapted prosthetics built from specialist materials help Paralympic athletes maximise their sporting potential

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Creating stratospheric instrument platforms

Dr András Sóbester

With smartphones, GPS and 3D rapid prototyping, the ASTRA project transforms humble radiosondes into sophisticated and recoverable data capture devices

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Facial Recognition

Dr Thomas Heseltine and Dr Nick Whitehead

The technology behind a new approach to creating a reliable set of facial biometrics systems

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Lord Kelvin at the Hunterian; Low-Cost location sensing systems; Technology Horizons Award

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Fair Game

Dr David James

A look at recent innovations in sports engineering

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Professor David Delpy FREng FMedSci FRS

Encouraging innovative research

The Chief Executive of the EPSRC talks to Ingenia about his career and the organisation’s current research focus
By Michael Kenward OBE

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Serious games

Professor Robert Stone

How video games offer an alternative to established practices in simulation-based training and design.

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Shipping Liquefied Gas Safely

Stéphane Maillard and Nigel White

How research is helping the shipping of high volumes of liquefied natural gas safely

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Studying the Sun – Enabling extreme ultra violet imaging of the star

Dr Nick Waltham

The Solar Dynamics Observatory has been launched to monitor the disruptive influence the Sun has on technological systems

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