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The Big Bang; BAE Systems Skills 2020; Bosch Technology Horizons Award; STEM E-Library Launch; 50 Years of Lasers; Education providers merge

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Game On

Siân Harris

A look at the development of the video game industry with its cross-over benefits to other engineering sectors

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Professor Charles Kao CBE FREng

Man who lit up the world

Professor Kao proposed a practical optical fibre communication system and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2009 for his work.
By Michael Kenward OBE

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Geoengineering – Challenges and Global Impacts

Nina Hall

An exploration of the ways in which the Earth’s climate can be manipulated to counteract the effects of global warming.

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Making Light Work

Professors Kishan Dholakia FRSE, Will Stewart FREng and James Wilkinson

Optical tweezers and traps are being developed that can move items at the nanometer level using light.

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The European Extremely Large Telescope

Professor Colin Cunningham

A new ground-based telescope that will be100 times more sensitive than Hubble

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Engineering art from science

Colin Dancer

An engineer describes his fruitful partnership with a contemporary artist

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ARUP, BAE Systems, Lloyd's Register, Mott MacDonald, Rolls-Royce plc

The Royal Academy of Engineering acknowledges the generous support by the following organisations for Ingenia: ARUP, BAE Systems, Lloyd's Register, Mott MacDonald, Rolls-Royce plc

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Generating Laser Energy

Dr Ed Moses and Professor Mike Dunne

The engineering and construction behind the National Ignition Facility in California, and how Europe is intending to create fusion energy

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Response to ‘Brightening Lives’, Educating Engineers, Protecting the Family Silver?

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Brightening Lives

Professor Richard De La Rue FREng

How optoelectronic semiconductors are continuing to have an impact on modern life through the discovery of new materials and new design structures

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Synthetic Gecko

Fabian Acker

Adapting the adhesive powers of gecko feet for industrial and commercial use

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