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Seeing Into The Future

Alastair Atkinson

How the retinal detachment suffered by an five year old boy inspired a revolution in ocular technology

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Lionel Tarassenko FREng

An Engineering Biography

The Professor of Electrical Engineering at Oxford University talks to Michael Kenward OBE about teaching, biomedicine and commercial success.

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Research Powerhouse

Jim Kay

The engineering behind the new Diamond Synchrotron science facility in Oxfordshire

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From securing stealth to ensuring health – making ultrasound ultra-safe

David Bell

A review of current failings of ultrasound physiotherapy units with an insight into possible solutions for creating an inexpensive, easy-to-use and accurate power meter

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Superconducting magnets: The heart of NMR

Martin Townsend

MacRobert finalists OIS describe the engineering behind some of the most powerful magnets available and their uses in the field of nuclear magnetic resonance

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Photovoltaic cells cast new light on the world’s energy problems

Harry Shimp

A combination of technological innovations and larger-scale production is making photovoltaic solar energy increasingly affordable

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Adaptive optics

Dr Julia Tompson

A US military idea is being used to improve the performance of optical devices.

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How long can Moore's Law last

Professor Haroon Ahmed FREng

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