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Accessing the UK's subsea assets

Allen Leatt FREng

Allen Leatt FREng, Senior Vice President Engineering at Subsea 7, explains how new production technologies and underwater installation and maintenance techniques are reversing the decline in production.

Issue 60

Catapult centres

Stephen Harris

What the centres do and how they have been received by the research and business communities.

Issue 58

Changing Gear

Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng

Issue 57

Biochemical Engineering

Stephen Vranch FREng and Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker FREng

Medical researchers working on a variety of diseases can tackle them through the use of a new generation of medicines that utilise the very specific biological actions of certain large molecules

Issue 56

Jane Atkinson FREng - Licence to troubleshoot

Michael Kenward OBE

Jane Atkinson built an international career commissioning and troubleshooting steel plants; she now oversees a sustainable energy business

Issue 55

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing

Professor Richard Hague and Dr Phil Reeves

As these technologies continue to develop, applications for medical devices are among the first to see real benefits

Issue 55

Sir David McMurtry FREng FRS - Turning patents into profits

Michael Kenward OBE

In coming up with a solution that helped aircraft to take off McMurtry also launched a business that has transformed modern manufacturing.

Issue 54

Pragmatic Engineering

Tim Rushby-Smith

For 21 years, the charity Motivation has designed and supplied tens of thousands of wheelchairs for use in developing countries

Issue 53

Slimmer solar cells

Dr Richard Stevenson

Advances in manufacturing techniques allow new, flexible thin-film photovoltaic cells to collect solar energy more efficiently

Issue 53