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Growth of Services

Professor Tim Baines

A look at how product-service systems carry varying levels of risk and revenue for participating companies

Issue 44

Engineers and Service Innovation

Mark Dodgson, David Gann and Irving Wladawsky-Berger

How education can help engineers further develop the service economy

Issue 44

In Brief

Darwin's cocoon; Boost for photonics research; Building engineering physics

Issue 42

Four engineers: four Silver Medals

A short profile of the four UK engineers awarded The Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medals in 2008

Issue 36

Composite materials revolutionise aerospace engineering

Tim Edwards

How the use of carbon-fibre composites in wing manufacture is changing aerospace engineering

Issue 36

Designs on creativity

Sir George Cox

Sir George Cox tells of his review for the Government on how British businesses can be made more competitive

Issue 26

Stirring Metals

Professor Helen Atkinson

The thixotropic manipulation of metallic alloys.

Issue 26

Spray-on steel

Professor Patrick Grant and Dr Stephen Duncan

An innovative method for manufacturing production tooling

Issue 25

Precious Paper

Jan Lyons

The sensitive nature of paper explored by following the journey of Ingenia’s pages from pulp to printed page

Issue 25

Digital energy – working smart in the oil and gas industry

John Darley

Investment in ‘smart’ well technologies could ensure the oil and gas industry receives more value and greater production life

Issue 19