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Opportunity of a lifetime

Professor John Miles FREng

Consumer power seems sure to force the rate of house building to increase dramatically in the near future. How can the construction industry make the most of it?

Issue 17

Rapid prototyping

Professor Duc Pham OBE FREng and Dr Stefan Dimov

Core aspects of time-compression engineering to speed up product development and stay ahead of the global market

Issue 17

Sustaining competitive advantage in manufacturing

K Rajagopal

Although the country’s manufacturing base has declined, UK-based companies can still flourish in competitive industries

Issue 16

The future of chemical and petrochemical manufacturing

Roger Benson FREng

Will the chemical and petrochemicals industry, still one of the country’s largest exporters, adopt a more distributed manufacturing model in the future?

Issue 14

Revealing the secrets of fluidised beds: Exploiting links between academia and industry

David Newton

How a unique X-ray imaging technique to analyse flows in multiphase systems has developed from close cooperation between academics and industrialists

Issue 14

The missing link: How things people need are conceived – designed – made – and sold

Sir Robert Malpas CBE FREng

How can we encourage young people to understand that designing and making things is important?

Issue 12

Brewing: The evolution of a tradition into a technology

Professor Graham Stewart

Technological developments have allowed brewing processes to be optimised and efficiency to be improved

Issue 11

Looking for a needle in a haystack: fault-finding in process engineering

Elaine Martin · Department of Engineering Mathematics, University of Newcastle Julian Morris · Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Newcastle

An introduction to a technique that could revolutionise fault-detection on the production line

Issue 8

Making the perfect particle

Richard A. Williams FREng

New designer particulates are finding applications in such diverse areas as scratch-and-sniff capsules and targeted drug delivery systems

Issue 7