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John Armitt CBE FREng

John Armitt tells Michael Kenward OBE of his love for the great outdoors and how it complements his life as Chief Executive of Network Rail plc.

Issue 27

Why Rails Crack?

Andy Doherty, Steve Clark, Robert Care and Mark Dembosky

The Hatfield train crash in 2000 provided the incentive to investigate the phenomenon of rail cracking on the UK rail network

Issue 23

What Price Speed - Revisited

The Railway Research Group, Imperial College

The evolution of transport propulsion efficiency over the last 50 years

Issue 22

Human mobility and transport policy

Dr David Metz

How have our travelling habits changed over the last 50 years and what does this mean for the future of human mobility and government transport policy?

Issue 18

The need for speed


The story of the ongoing construction of Britain’s first high-speed rail line. Section 2 of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link is well underway

Issue 17

Protecting the railways: The management of safety in a fragmented industry

Roger Kemp FREng

How is railway safety maintained with the industry’s management split between over 100 separate organisations?

Issue 16

Delivering the national rail infrastructure

John Armitt CBE FREng

How did the rail network develop and how will it be enhanced and expanded over the next five years?

Issue 14

For whom the road tolls?

Peter Hills OBE FREng, Professor of Transport Engineering, University of Newcastle upon Tyne Philip Blythe, Acting Director Transport Operations Research Group, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

To cope with the UK’s increasing traffic, road-use pricing could soon become common. What is the state of the technology that could make this possible?

Issue 14

Engineering the ULTra System

Martin Lowson FREng

A system of urban public transport providing personal mobility that can be delivered using readily available technology

Issue 13

Engineering London Transport's future

Robert R Kiley

How the London Underground can meet the challenge of becoming a leader in urban rapid transport

Issue 11

Innovative engineering to control Big Ben’s tilt

Robert Mair FREng · Cambridge University David Harris · Geotechnical Consulting Group

How Big Ben remained upright during the construction of the Jubilee Line extension

Issue 9