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Passionate about partnership

Sir Peter Williams FREng

Sir Peter Williams calls for closer collaboration to close the gap between creation and application

Issue 16

Space technology in the UK

Professor Richard Holdaway FREng

The UK’s space technology programme has made Britain a major contributor to global space exploration

Issue 16

Investing in information technology: Where next?

Ian Taylor MBE

Examining the way forward for the IT sector

Issue 16

Virtuous circle - The development of composite fibre sailplanes

Afandi Darlington

The technology and engineering behind the evolution in glider performance, with a look to the future

Issue 15

Risk, adventure and the tyranny of peer review

John O’Reilly FREng

The peer review process for research proposals should not be unduly conservative or risk-averse in its approach, but should include an appropriate proportion of ‘high-risk, high-return’ activities

Issue 14

Exciting innovations for the spinally injured

Kenneth Hunt, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Glasgow and Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow Alan McLean, Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow

Engineering plays an important role in spinal cord injury rehabilitation and in improving the quality of life of spinally injured people

Issue 14

Global Research Awards

Global Research Awards provide an opportunity for engineers currently engaged in research and development to undertake projects in centres of excellence overseas

Issue 13

Making intellectual property pay

Ian Harvey

Companies need to think creatively about patents to make the most of their intellectual property assets

Issue 12

The journey: From science via engineering to technology

Robert Hawley CBE DSc FREng FRSE

The interdependence of progress and development in science, engineering and technology

Issue 11

Modelling Societies

Professor Nigel Gilbert FBCS FREng

Computer simulation can now be used to study the behaviour and interactions of individuals and organisations

Issue 10

Funding for engineering and science research

Dr John Taylor OBE FREng FRS

New initiatives for government funding of research in science, engineering and technology

Issue 9

Stabilising the London Millennium Bridge

Tony Fitzpatrick FREng and Roger Ridsdill Smith

Results of the research into the sideways movements of the Millennium Bridge and description of the stabilising dampers

Issue 9