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Raman scanner wins MacRobert award

Cobalt Light Systems, the company that developed this breakthrough, has applied the technique to airport scanners that search for banned substances in liquids.

Issue 60

Catapult centres

Stephen Harris

What the centres do and how they have been received by the research and business communities.

Issue 58

Biochemical Engineering

Stephen Vranch FREng and Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker FREng

Medical researchers working on a variety of diseases can tackle them through the use of a new generation of medicines that utilise the very specific biological actions of certain large molecules

Issue 56

Seeking the Higgs boson

Steve Myers FREng

A hardware failure shut the Large Hadron Collider down for more than a year before the engineering programme to restore it led to last summer’s discovery of the Higgs boson

Issue 55

Sir David McMurtry FREng FRS - Turning patents into profits

Michael Kenward OBE

In coming up with a solution that helped aircraft to take off McMurtry also launched a business that has transformed modern manufacturing.

Issue 54

Richard Parry-Jones CBE FREng - Not the retiring type

Michael Kenward OBE

After a 38-year career spanning R&D, technology and manufacturing leadership at Ford, Parry-Jones is now bringing his expertise to Network Rail in his new role as Chairman.

Issue 52

Brompton Folding Bikes

Will Butler-Adams

From its start with handmade prototypes to becoming the largest-volume bicycle manufacturer in the UK, Brompton Bicycle Ltd has become a manufacturing success story through engineering

Issue 52

Design Winner

Emily Bick

Design team Barber Osgerby worked with UK engineering companies to develop a lightweight, functional, safe and memorable Olympic Torch for London 2012

Issue 51

Knowledge transfer success

Emily Bick

An innovative plastics recycling process has resulted from collaborations between businesses and academic institutions

Issue 49