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The 10 Year Framework

Sir Keith O’Nions

How the Government will fund its 10 Year Science and Innovation Strategy

Issue 22

The value of innovation

Nicholas M Donofrio FREng

The importance of innovation and how it can be encouraged, both now and in the future

Issue 21

Crossing the Valley of Death

Dr Ederyn Williams

Many wonderful innovations fail to cross the gap between research and manufacturing. Is it possible to create a seamless connection between university research and industrial application?

Issue 21

Management of research and development in difficult times

Daniel V McCaughan OBE FREng

A look at research and development in a changing commercial environment

Issue 21

How can an R&D group get others interested in its ideas?

Anne Miller

The battle for R&D departments to get their ideas recognised by the wider organisation

Issue 21

ICT: Essential enabler for the knowledge economy

Professor John O’Reilly FREng and Dr Martin Dunn

The UK is not placing enough emphasis on research into ICT with potential knock-on effects for the rest of the knowledge economy

Issue 21

Going vertical – developing a short take-off, vertical landing system

John Hutchinson

An investigation into Rolls-Royce’s next generation of vertical lift propulsion systems

Issue 20

Superconducting magnets: The heart of NMR

Martin Townsend

MacRobert finalists OIS describe the engineering behind some of the most powerful magnets available and their uses in the field of nuclear magnetic resonance

Issue 18

Concentrating solar power: A review of the technology

Hans Müller-Steinhagen FREng and Franz Trieb

This first of two articles on one of the most potent sources of renewable energy outlines the principles and potential of the latest advances in solar power technology

Issue 18

Rapid prototyping

Professor Duc Pham OBE FREng and Dr Stefan Dimov

Core aspects of time-compression engineering to speed up product development and stay ahead of the global market

Issue 17

A missing piece of the innovation puzzle

Paul Baffes

Uncovering the vital nature of diverse, inexperienced talent in corporate innovation

Issue 17