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How low can we go?

Dr Martin Knopf

Downsizing the internal combustion engine is cutting fuel consumption, improving vehicle efficiency and reducing carbon emissions

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Start/Stop engines come of age

Antonios Katirtzidis

The development behind engines that automatically switch off during idling and can significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions

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Responses to: On Target?; Response to: Electric Vehicles

Ruth Lea; David Cebon FREng and Nick Collings FREng

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Electric Vehicles

Professor Roger Kemp FREng

The Royal Academy of Engineering has produced a report that looks at the options and likely implementation for electric vehicle development

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Traction Drives

Dick Elsy

A new kind of variable engine transmission that boosts fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions.

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Beyond Formula One

Duncan Bradley

How motor-racing technology is finding applications for its innovations across other industries, like healthcare and defence.

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Compact diesel filters

Dr Martyn Twigg

MacRobert Award finalists Johnson Matthey have developed a compact filter that removes harmful particulates from vehicle engine emissions.

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JCB Dieselmax – powering the World's Fastest Diesel Vehicle

David Tremayne

How a standard JCB engine was turned into a 350mph diesel record breaker

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Vehicle Sound Engineering

Dr Paul Jennings, Dr Garry Dunne and Roger Williams

Creating car sounds that are appropriate to their marques

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A Dual-Purpose Tunnel

Arthur Darby

The creation of Kuala Lumpur's Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART)

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Road Pricing

Professor Frank Kelly FRS

Is road pricing necessary and what are the challenges that must be overcome to make it happen?

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Responses to ‘Philosophy in the Making’,‘Ethics and the Engineer’and ‘Engineering and the Artist’s Eye’

Dr Bill Addis, Professor W Richard Bowen and David Quinion FREng

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