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The Grand Challenge

Alex Stewart

An Engineering Leadership Award holder reports on his time spent developing autonomous vehicles in California.

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A Hydrogen Inspired Experience

Fiona Howarth

An Engineering Leadership Award holder explores the prospects for hydrogen-technology in the automotive industry

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Responses to `The Climate for Nuclear Power` and the Reith Lectures

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The Bendy Bus: A Transport Revolution

John Bickerton

Are bendy buses a viable means of transport?

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What Price Speed - Revisited

The Railway Research Group, Imperial College

The evolution of transport propulsion efficiency over the last 50 years

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Human mobility and transport policy

Dr David Metz

How have our travelling habits changed over the last 50 years and what does this mean for the future of human mobility and government transport policy?

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Quality versus cost in transport - Finding the right blend

Gordon Baker

Transport issues are rarely absent from the daily news in the UK. Policy and ministerial inconsistency on a scale unacceptable to most organisations has led to decades of degradation in our transport system and infrastructure.

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Engineering the ULTra System

Martin Lowson FREng

A system of urban public transport providing personal mobility that can be delivered using readily available technology

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Best supports Jaguar Formula One in schools at Olympia

David Ford

Designing, building and racing balsa wood dragsters: competition finals at the BETT exhibition in January

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Catalysts: key to the quest for clean air

Robert Evans MSc

Catalytic emissions control systems have led to huge reductions in vehicle pollution, and more is yet to come

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Where are we going? Land transport in the UK

Julia Tompson

A wide-ranging discussion on the state and future needs of our transport systems

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Easing traffic congestion using caesium atoms

Professor John E. Midwinter OBE FRS FREng

Atomic clocks make GPS possible: adding mobile communications to GPS could reduce traffic.

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