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Peter Head OBE FREng - Planning to be sustainable

Michael Kenward OBE

Peter Head's current role promoting sustainable development at Arup follows a hugely successful career constructing bridges

Issue 36

A Conversation with Dr R K Pachauri

The Chairman of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change speaks to the Academy President, Lord Browne, on where the climate change debate is heading

Issue 33

Decarbonising Buildings

Roger Hitchin

Maximising the elimination of carbon generated in creating, taking down and maintaining a building

Issue 31

Engineering at the Centre

Lord Browne of Madingley FREng

The President of The Royal Academy of Engineering outlines the priorities for his five year period of office

Issue 30

Creating an Eco-City

Peter Head OBE FREng

The visionary project that will lead to the world’s first sustainable eco-city

Issue 29

Renewable Processing: The Green Alternative

Mike Ashley

An environmentally considerate process for manufacturing ethyl acetate

Issue 29

Aero-Engines of the Future

Ric Parker FREng

The challenge of reducing noise and engine emissions in the aviation industry

Issue 28

Going Underground

Patrick Bellew FREng

An innovative method of creating thermal mass energy storage systems using underground cooling labyrinths

Issue 28