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Offshore Defences

Professor Dominic Reeve, Dr Vanesa Magar, Dr Shunqi Pan

Coastal engineers put forward the probabilities of flooding and how offshore defences are being introduced off the UK coastline

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Reed Bed Systems

Professor Joe Biddlestone and David Cooper

How the engineering of reed bed systems is helpingto clean up dirty water

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Expedition to Antarctica; World’s first desalination barges; Newton International Fellowships; Leading Lights; Fellow’s book helps fund engineering education

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Severn Lessons - UK energy strategy required

Yaver A. Abidi

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Response to 'The New Diploma'; Response to 'Rebuilding lives in times of disaster'; Response to ‘Opening up Defence R&D’; Follow-up to ‘Towards Sustainable Growth’

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Fabrication and uses of Ultra-Precision Surfaces

Professor Paul Shore

Advances in the miniscule world of ultra-precision engineering and how these have dramatically improved the scope of measurement that is achievable in the manufacure of new technologies

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Rebuilding lives in times of disaster

Martin McCann

How one of the leading international relief charities recruits and trains engineers to respond to humanitarian crises across the globe.

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Response to: Flood Risk Management; Responses to: Can Regional Clusters be engineered?; Response to Climate Change: Engineering a solution: Response to Kumar lecture

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Response to Grand Challenges; Flood-Risk Management; A Heart in Engineering; Correction to Issue 32

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Does the public expect too much of flood-risk management?

Jean Venables OBE FREng

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A Dual-Purpose Tunnel

Arthur Darby

The creation of Kuala Lumpur's Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART)

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Responses to ‘Engineering adaptation’, ‘Investigating New Orleans’ and ‘Why do large IT programmes fail?

Professor Jim Hall and Professor Enda O’Connell FREng, Robert Muir Wood MA PhD and Professor Jim Norton

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