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After the 2014 floods: The future management of flood risk

Professor Enda O'Connell FREng and Professor Jim Hall FREng

Issue 59

Modelling UK weather patterns

Paul Davies

Ingenia talked to Paul Davies, Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office, about the processes involved and the new technology developed to improve UK forecasting.

Issue 58

Concrete Canvas

Will Crawford

A concrete-impregnated fabric, first developed for building durable emergency shelters, is now being used as a quick, cost-effective method of laying concrete throughout a range of industries

Issue 57

Fishing for pollutants

Emily Bick

The SHOAL project uses engineering expertise from academia and industry to create autonomous pollution-sensing robots to monitor ports in real time

Issue 53

Inside the rain room - No umbrella required

Tim Rushby-Smith

The Rain Room creates an interactive indoor downpour that gallery visitors can walk through without getting wet

Issue 53

Earthquakes, again

Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng

Issue 47

Adapting infrastructure to a changing climate

Lord John Krebs, Professor Jim Hall

The threat of more frequent and damaging natural disasters means the UK needs to adapt its national infrastructure.

Issue 42