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Electricity costs – start with a level playing field

Richard Ploszek

A report on the social and cost implications of generating electricity from different technologies and why these issues must be addressed in order to meet government targets

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Young engineering news

Two young engineering researchers of ultra-thin loud speakers and new orthopaedic cements will promote their work abroad thanks to the Academy’s International Travel Grant scheme

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ID cards: Public interest… or public nuisance?

Key speakers at the Royal Academy of Engineering’s briefing on ID cards express their opinions of the issues and implications of using this technology in the UK

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The MacRobert Award 2003

The 34th year of the annual MacRobert Award and the competition was as strong as ever

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Implementing a knowledge-based management system: A work placement report

Joseph Corrigan

How the internal operation of one company is changing as a result of the development of knowledge-based management systems

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The Smallpeice legacy

John R Appleton OBE HonFREng

The Smallpeice Trust, which recently celebrated its thirty-fifth anniversary, offers active support and training to young people considering a career in engineering

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Global Research Awards

Global Research Awards provide an opportunity for engineers currently engaged in research and development to undertake projects in centres of excellence overseas

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The MacRobert Award 2002

The finalists for the 2002 MacRobert Award came from very different areas of engineering

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Best supports Jaguar Formula One in schools at Olympia

David Ford

Designing, building and racing balsa wood dragsters: competition finals at the BETT exhibition in January

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Larger, further and faster: Passenger planes of the future Developing larger aircraft: The engineering challenges of the Airbus A380

Jeffrey Jupp FREng FRAeS

The factors that affect the design of a new large passenger aircraft capable of carrying up to 650 passengers

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Springboard to engineering: The Engineering Education Scheme

Alex Ritchie

A successful programme which offers sixth-formers hands-on experience of real engineering projects

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Connecting the country: an engineering approach to creating ‘broadband Britain’

Sir Peter Bonfield CBE FREng

How can the potential of broadband be realised in order to transform the way we live, learn work and communicate?

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