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HOW DOES THAT WORK? - Noise-cancelling headphones

Active Noise-Cancelling (ANC) headphones are used mainly by train and plane passengers wanting to listen to radio, music or film without hearing background low-frequency engine and travel noises.

Issue 66

HOW DOES THAT WORK? - Peltier devices

A discovery by French physicist, Jean Charles Peltier, was crucial for enabling these devices.

Issue 65

HOW DOES THAT WORK? - Hydroacoustics

The ocean remains the earth’s most uncharted territory, but is now able to be accessed by hydroacoustics.

Issue 64


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology has been around since the 1970s. The first RFID tags were used to track large items, such as livestock and airline luggage.

Issue 60

HOW DOES THAT WORK? - Black boxes (From a suggestion by Richard Walder)

Black boxes have been mandatory in airliners since the 1960s when wire recorders were used, followed by magnetic tape, and now solid state hard drives.

Issue 59

HOW DOES THAT WORK? - Plastic Pounds

Polymer notes are already valid currency in more than 20 countries, following Australia’s pioneering development and introduction of them in the 1980s.

Issue 58

HOW DOES THAT WORK? - Clean rooms

Precision manufacturing demands environments that are free of unwanted particles and cleanrooms help make this possible

Issue 56

HOW DOES THAT WORK - Body Scanners

Airport security has become increasingly sophisticated, from X-ray devices to 3D microwave images

Issue 55


How television pictures evolved from blurry 240-line images to 8-megapixel Ultra-HD, digital cinema-quality

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