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How I got here - Natalie Cheung

The film I, Robot, inspired Natalie Cheung to consider engineering as a career. She has gone on to work on several big railway projects.

Issue 80

How I got here - Zoe Dobell

After university, systems engineer Zoe Dobell joined Transport for London’s graduate training scheme and is now working on the Central Line Improvement Programme.

Issue 79

How I got here - Dr Anh Tran

Dr Anh Tran

Humanitarian engineer Dr Anh Tran carries out research in areas including energy, water and food to help make changes with resource-limited communities.

Issue 78

How I got here - Rahul Mandal

Nuclear research engineer Dr Rahul Mandal used his expertise in science and engineering to help him win The Great British Bake Off.

Issue 77

How I got here - Sinead O'Sullivan

An interest in space led Sinead O’Sullivan into a career in engineering that has covered academia and entrepreneurship.

Issue 76

How I got here - Olivia Sweeney

As a chemical engineer at cosmetics company Lush, Olivia Sweeney is discovering new, more sustainable sources of fragrance ingredients.

Issue 75

How I got here - Elliott Webb

As an Arup apprentice, Elliott Webb is gaining valuable experience across several engineering disciplines, including working on High Speed Two.

Issue 74

How I got here - Anna Ploszajski

Materials engineer Anna Ploszajski has a sideline in stand-up comedy, which she uses to communicate the excitement of engineering to the public

Issue 73

How I got here - Lucy Harden

Lucy Harden is a mechanical engineer on BAE Systems’ Digital Light Engine Head-Up Display development programme.

Issue 72

How I got here - Dr Sabesan Sithamparanathan

Dr Sabesan Sithamparanathan is Co-founder and CEO of PervasID. His company provides radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers for low-cost, long-distance sensing of passive RFID tags, for use in tracking in retail, security and healthcare.

Issue 71

How I got here - Orla Murphy

Orla's role focuses on optimising and improving the sound systems in the company’s vehicles, combining her passions for science, maths and music.

Issue 70